About Us

Stepcare & Schine Sdn Bhd is a one-stop solution for footwear and footcare under combination Stepcare and Schein Orthopaedics. This company just established in 2019, we provide foot health care start from preventing and treating foot problems without surgery. We also educate awareness about the use of footwear in accordance with normal foot or foot problems. This also enhances our strength to compete with existing market competitors. We offer a wide selection of orthopaedic shoes and insoles for customers with special needs (flat-feet, high-arch, diabetes, etc) including children with foot conditions

Our insoles are custom made to suit each individual in order to reduce foot discomfort and other foot related conditions. We have been in operation since 2006 in Malaysia and our customers include hospital and health clinics nationwide. In addition, we supply tools and raw materials for making shoes and insoles.

We are an authorised reseller for Schein products sourced from Germany. Our supplier Schein Orthopadie is a family business which was founded in Remscheid since 1879. Today, Schein ranks among well-known manufacturers of orthopaedic foot supports world-wide.